Natalie Brown provides a broad spectrum of writing services to clients in Bozeman, MOntana, and Beyond.




Inspired branding requires a form of poetic distillation. Natalie distills a business or product down to its very essence and captures that essence in compelling, succinct language designed to elicit interest and engagement. As part of the branding process, she conceives business names, taglines, new product names, logos, and more.

Brochures, Catalogs & Newsletters

Whether they appear in a digital or paper format, the success of these documents depends on words that are both educational and engaging. Catalogs can be keepsakes akin to the finest magazines, and brochures and newsletters should be fun to read, but all must evoke a specific response. Natalie has written newsletters that generated increased donations, catalogs that promoted healthy sales, and brochures that helped a nonprofit to thrive. She composes descriptions of your offerings and activities that motivate readers to take action: shop, enroll, visit, donate, or join.

Packaging & Signage

The words on a package must irresistibly inspire people to try what's in it, thanks to an artful synthesis of brevity, clarity, and style. This is also true for signage, in which there’s a finite amount of space to express volumes and generate a response. In writing copy for packaging and signs, Natalie applies a poet's attention to detail and a marketing expert's awareness of both the power and subtlety of strong messaging.


To date, Natalie has written and won one grant, successfully securing funds for a school to improve its outdoor play area. She approaches grantwriting as she does all her other services: taking time to understand a client's needs and hopes, and crafting her prose accordingly while telling a great story that is both emotionally and intellectually persuasive.


Proposals / RFP Responses

Persuasive proposals and bids are a necessity for many businesses, and a key to ongoing success. Natalie has crafted comprehensive proposals that secured long-term, high-profile, and lucrative work for her clients. Whether crafting a proposal from scratch or tailoring an existing template to meet the requirements of a new RFP, she'll create a document that stands out from the competition. 


Press Releases & Op-Ed Pieces

Still one of the most effective ways to spread the word about new developments within a business or institution, a stellar press release tells a story that captures readers from the very first line and compels them to share it with others. Natalie writes attention-getting press releases and op-ed pieces designed to increase the likelihood of local and — when applicable — national media coverage for you.


Feature articles & reviews

Having written hundreds of articles for various print and online publications, Natalie is available to compose pieces on virtually any subject. She will accept article assignments of all kinds, and is also an experienced interviewer.

Passionate about art and popular culture, she will write incisive book, film, and music reviews as needed.


Book manuscript Editing

As a published novelist who has written and edited several of her own manuscripts, Natalie is a sympathetic and critical reader who is armed not only with real-life experience but BA and MA degrees in English. Well acquainted with the rigors of the revision process, she offers a second, highly perceptive pair of eyes with which she'll help steer a manuscript into a more polished state. She'll achieve a clear understanding of your own intentions for your project, be it an academic thesis or a creative work, before offering feedback and suggesting edits. (Currently accepting only nonfiction manuscripts.)


Website content & Blog Posts

Writing for a website is a singular art. Content must capture readers and hold their attention within the fast-paced realm of the web. Natalie transforms the basic information you provide into compelling website copy reflects the heart of what you do.

Regular blog posts are a modern form of storytelling and can enhance the effectiveness of some websites. They foster ongoing relationships with readers and ensure return visits to your site.

Social Media

A dynamic and vital social media presence is a necessity for both businesses and individuals. Social media is a casual format that requires spark and spirit; copy must be both informative and informal. Natalie writes clusters of 12 or more posts at a time to accompany the images you provide, so you can save time, schedule posts in advance, and maximize your impact on social media platforms. 

Print, Billboard, TV & Radio Ad copy

In print, billboard, and TV advertising, the perfect copy will harmonize with pictures, creating an emotional experience with which your current and potential customers resonate. Sometimes, in bold ads and radio spots, the words must stand alone and work magic through the imagery, feeling, and desire they inspire in the minds & hearts of your audience. Natalie writes ads that command attention and establish connections between people, products, and services.


Film Scripts

In film, well-chosen words and moving pictures merge brilliantly, resulting in optimally effective communication. Natalie can contribute to film projects of all kinds, including documentaries, commercials, short promotional videos, and fictional features. She writes voiceover narration, dialogue, and conducts interviews on and off camera. She can take large quantities of information and transform it into prose that’s tailored to the images it will accompany.


Interviews, Surveys & Research

Great writing begins with curiosity, observation, and attentive listening. Knowing which questions to ask is crucial. Having conducted countless interviews, Natalie is a seasoned interviewer as well as a writer of questionnaires designed to elicit the information her clients crave.

She honed her substantial research skills while earning  advanced degrees in English and Native American Studies, and can help you unearth the information you need to further your project.


Proofreading & copyediting

Having earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and taught college-level writing since 2002, Natalie is an eagle-eyed proofreader who can quickly spot and correct imperfections in existing documents, as well as refine the style and syntax of rough copy for improved readability and impact.


Consulting & Speaking

Natalie is available to brainstorm, co-create, troubleshoot, and give advice on writing and publishing in one-on-one and group settings.

She has given literary readings and presented talks on writing and creativity for a variety of audiences. Calling on her extensive experience as a teacher, she gives presentations and leads creative writing workshops for students aged six to 106.


Typing & Transcription

If you have handwritten or rough pages in need of typing, or recordings in need of transcription, Natalie is a speedy typist who can provide you with clean and polished documents in the font, size, and layout you specify.